Adventure Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Back at one of my favorite places on earth! These two contacted me for an Imperial Sand Dunes engagement session. It is a little bit of a trek, no matter where you are coming from, but it is always worth it.  

They also opted to do the longer session that I offer, which was a great choice. With so much to explore, it’s always nice to have a little bit more time.

Olivia found both of her outfits at Macy’s, on sale! She brought a few options to consider, but let’s be honest, a red dress is always the right choice.

One of the things I loved about this session was Olivia and Drew’s adventurous spirit. We played around the dunes, and they were completely on board with anything I suggested.  Definitely not afraid to get a little dirty!

We actually rescheduled this session because our original date was slated for rain and thunderstorms.  Now, I don’t mind a little rain, and it can make for some absolutely stunning photos. But the idea of being a giant lightning rod in the middle of a vast empty desert does not thrill me. Safety first, gang. It took some rearranging by the couple, but we found a date a few days later with some sun! Things don’t always go to plan, but I am always thankful for my couples and their flexibility.

It’s a bit of a surreal experience to be out at the dunes. It doesn’t matter how many times I go, I always get the same feeling.   There are a lot of popular locations where photos can make it seem empty, but you’re actually surrounded by a lot of people.  This is not one of those places. It’s actually empty, it’s actually quiet, and that makes it a great location to get authentic photos.

I frequently try to convey to people that a photo session with me is more than just going out and snapping some pics –  it’s an experience.  The only way to create authentic photos full of emotion (which is always my goal) is for you to let go and actually be feeling those things.   I hope that by the end of any session, my clients are able to look back on a really fun activity that they experienced together.

So that’s the good stuff. It takes a bit of planning and a willingness to be open to the experience, but it is way worth it.

Ready to plan your adventure? Contact me here.

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