Ethereal Imperial Sand Dunes Elopement


Sand Dunes Elopement - Parker Micheaels Photography

This Imperial Sand Dunes elopement might look like it is from far and distant lands.  If you can believe it, these gorgeous sand dunes are located in Southern California, just a little over three hours away from Phoenix, Arizona.  The magical golden quality of the dunes and the sense of being in the middle of absolutely nowhere make this an ideal spot to elope.

H and G were completely on board with my vision for this day.  We had beautiful weather and planned this shoot for the winter, since it can get very hot at the dunes during the summer.

Desert floral inspiration at the sand dunes

Bride at the sand dunes










The floral colors were inspired by a desert sunset, with dusty rose, coral, earth tones, and dried as well as fresh elements.


Sand Dunes Elopement

It had rained the day before, and was then windy, so we had these beautiful sand patterns that were completely undisturbed by any other footprints.


Sand Dunes Elopement

Sand Dunes Elopement    desert bridal portrait

I had this vision of the bride running into the great vast beyond, and H was completely into it.  She kicked off her shoes and made that photo moment happen for me.

Sand Dunes Elopement White Dress    Sand Dunes Elopement White Dress

We stayed until the sun went down, exploring the dunes without another soul in sight.

bride and groom at the sand dunes at sunset

And of course, the night is not complete without a little sand throwing and twirling.

Bridal portrait at the sand dunes

Bride at the sand dunes    Bride and groom dancing at the sand dunes

I was able to get a little creative with a prism.  Fun fact – prisms are incredibly unpredictable, and you never know quite what you are going to get, which makes for some truly unique photos.

bride and groom in the desert    Bride at the sand dunes


wedding couple at the dunes

All in all, the dunes provide an amazingly unique place that just requires a little bit of a drive and a sense of adventure to get to.  If you want a tranquil and awe-inspiring location to get married, this should be at the top of your list.

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