Horseshoe Bend Elopement

This Horseshoe Bend Elopement had it all – a bumpy outdoor jeep ride, a hike through a stunning slot canyon, cliffside vows, and a picture-perfect sunset.

Wedding Couple in Slot Canyon

We started out in the beautiful slot canyons just outside of Page, Arizona.  We took a private jeep tour which drove us out to a lesser known slot canyon.  It was a fun and slightly sandy 20 minute ride, and so worth the extra effort to get out to this deserted canyon.

Slot Canyon Elopement     Slot Canyon Elopement

We even turned a corner and found a heart on the wall!

Slot Canyon Elopement

The slot canyons are a completely unique experience.  Every time I go, I am continually in awe of how nature made these twisted narrow canyons.

Elopement in Slot Canyon Bridal Session in Slot Canyon

This is probably one of the most unique places in the world to take your bridal portraits.  We took advantage of these winding canyons to take a few portraits.

Groom in Slot Canyon   Bride in Slot Canyon


Bride in Slot Canyon   Bride in Slot Canyon Black and White  Bride and Groom in Slot Canyon    Slot Canyon Elopement    Elopement at Horseshoe Bend Bride at Horseshoe Bend

After we finished our walk through the slot canyons, it was time to head out to Horseshoe Bend for B & R’s elopement ceremony.

Horseshoe Bend Elopement

About twenty of their closest friends and family traveled out from Texas to watch them say their vows.  B & R wanted to have an elopement-style wedding, but also wanted their family to be able to be there on their big day.

Horseshoe Bend Elopement Horseshoe Bend Elopement Horseshoe Bend Elopement Couple

For them, this was the perfect combination of an adventure elopement and a more traditional larger wedding.

Horseshoe Bend Intimate Wedding Horseshoe Bend Elopement

We were able to take a few final photos just as the sun was setting.

Horseshoe Bend Elopement Couple Horseshoe Bend Elopement Horseshoe Bend Elopement Horseshoe Bend Elopement    Horseshoe Bend Wedding CoupleHorseshoe Bend Elopement

These two made their wedding day completely their own, and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture it.

Horseshoe Bend Wedding Couple    Horseshoe Bend Wedding Couple


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