Phoenix Engagement at Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix Engagement at Desert Botanical Gardens

Want to get all of those cactus vibes for your engagement session in Phoenix, but don’t want to travel way out of the city to do it? Don’t like hiking? Or dirt? Or chaos? This is it babes. This Phoenix engagement at Desert Botanical Garden brings ALL the cacti to you in a close convenient area.

But seriously, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot. There is so much variety in the landscape, and it’s a dream around sunset time. Plus, all you need in order to photograph an engagement there is to pay the admission fee for yourselves and your photographer! (Hopefully it’s me). Pricing can vary depending on events and time of year, but it’s typically $15-30 a ticket. Best of all, it’s located right in the middle of Phoenix, close to both downtown Phoenix and Tempe, if you happen to be out that way. Easy parking, easy walking, gorgeous photos.

There is something different around every corner, and there are so many different types of plants and little areas to choose from. Even when I’m not photographing, I like to bring friends and family from out of town to visit here because it’s such a beautiful spot. And guess what, if it suits your fancy, you can even get married here!

These two cute things are having a wedding in a different location later this year. But we decided to check out this spot for their engagement session. When they asked about it, I jumped at the opportunity to go back and photograph all of those beautiful cacti. Totally worth it.

Convinced? If you’re considering a Phoenix engagement at Desert Botanical Garden, contact me to get started!

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