Scottsdale, Arizona Elopement

We beat the heat with this sultry summer Scottsdale, Arizona elopement!

With the coronavirus going on, so many couples are being forced to change their wedding plans. But an elopement during this time does not mean settling. You can still have your dream wedding! It might just include slightly fewer guests and a bit of flexibility and a different vision.

A and R actually eloped at their apartment complex earlier in the week. Like so many couples, they just didn’t want to wait to be married, and there is no time like the present! We decided to celebrate by having an elopement shoot to celebrate their marriage.

A hot July afternoon photoshoot in Scottsdale, Arizona – is it madness or genius?? May be a bit of both? Yes, you can definitely still get married (or have a post-wedding photoshoot) outside in the summer heat. There are certainly steps to take and places that work better than others. But you don’t have to wait for the weather to cool down to celebrate your love.

One of the ways that I avoid the heat during the summer is by shooting later into the evening than I normally would during the rest of the year. The summer nights are long in Arizona, and there are some pretty magical things you can do after the sun goes down. I had a vague idea to take some photos using car headlights, and lucky for me, A and R showed up to our shoot with the absolute perfect car for it!

This Scottsdale, Arizona elopement concluded with the perfect sunset to the perfect day. And we didn’t even get too sweaty!

Considering changing your wedding plans, or just want to have a nice romp around the desert? Contact me here to get started!

Looking for some tips on how to plan your desert elopement in a way that is eco-friendly? Check out my suggestions in this post!

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