Lost Dutchman State Park Engagement Session

These two came out to Arizona to explore on a fun winter road trip to escape the cold back in their hometown. They were recently engaged and wanted to take their engagement photos out in the desert.   We decided on a Lost Dutchman State Park engagement session.   This park is a part of the Superstition Mountains. It is an absolutely beautiful and unique place to take some photos.

We actually had an unusually rainy winter this year, so the desert was much more green than normally. I love seeing the park when it is covered in green.

They changed into a more casual outfit for the second half of their shoot, just as the sun was going down.

I never get tired of those super unique cliff views at Lost Dutchman. It is a bit unusual for the area, and always worth the trip out there.

J had the idea of wanting to try out smoke bombs for a few shots. However, smoke bombs are not permitted in most state parks and places in Arizona. That being said, I had the idea to try using a mini fog machine. This gave us some really unique artistic shots to end the night.

So there you have it. A Lost Dutchman State Park engagement session is a fun way to spend a few hours exploring some of the best trails that Arizona has to offer.

You can check out more about Lost Dutchman State Park here. It is a beautiful hike if you find yourself with a free afternoon.

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